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Originally posted by James90
I think Orphy just rung up his friends and told them to vote for him. Poor form.
heh! Na man that's foul. I don't play that but I have to admit somewhat subliminal campaign has taken place... For example, my increased amount of posts lately and interacting with some members more frequently than others probably caused them to vote....

How do I know? well the person who voted told me..

So, I am sure about one vote but the second vote I am uncertain of..... I know Melancholy was online when I was posting in this thread... It may be her because She and I go to the same school... (this can be borderline foul).

Now who deserve this?

The person that I voted for. This category was a really tough choice because every single poster here goes way back..... It is hard to choose between posters like fab, Rafiq, Pundit, yourself (James90), Orpheus etc etc....

So I had to think because I really like these posters...Then I asked my-self : What constitute a "best" veteran.

Well whose presence through out the years is weighted the most... and I think it's


I mean we are all here because we all love cricket but most importantly we love Bangladesh cricket because almost all of us are Bangladeshi. But you are the sole young man, who is not a Bengali but has been with us through out the years just from the sheer love for our cricket team.....You don't know whom to support when Bangladesh plays Australia...

True we had/have non-bangladeshis in this forum but how many of them become/became our permanent resident?... only you and Tintin!

So I think your presence is truly acquired and genuine love whereas ours is mostly genetic....

You deserve Bangladeshi citizenship (even though you may not want it.. hell I don't even want it) - but take the honor..

Before you accuse me of hitting on you... I better stop!

I just think people who are not voting for you (and me (self promotion)) are not thinking.

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