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Originally Posted by cricman
The idiot who caught on Camera boasting that he and others gave Peyton HGH recanted and his recantation isn't very believable

He hired Ari Fleischer for PR, he used HGH ... it was for medicinal use. Admit it, it'll remove the stigma associated with HGH.

Leo Messi was juiced up with HGH through out Puberty and now look at him.
I think Al-Jazeera jumped the gun. As soon as they heard the guy name dropping Peyton Manning they lost their mind. They thought they got a hold of the next NFL scandal. If there is even an ounce of truth to Peyton using HGH, there's got to be some other link out there. Even though Charles Sly's recantation isn't all that believable, Al-Jazeera got some bad publicity out of this. Mainstream media in U.S. already don't take Al-Jazeera seriously because of their relation with the Islamic/Muslim world, they just lost whatever credibility they did have in the U.S. I haven't seen the documentary myself, but I heard from people it was really poorly presented.
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