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Originally Posted by iDumb
my goal for next year is that I am gonna try to accumulate airbnb after their lock up period ends and hopefully the stock price come down to more reasonable level..

I am expecting even before summer covid vaccination will be available for most ppl (i already have access), and the second half of 2021 will be all about pent up demand for travel and hospitality. ABNB is unique and has no competition - (only hurdle local laws), has an awesome CEO, is a household name. Just a screaming buy for the type of company I get interested in. But the price is SO SO HIGH.

So I will do what I typically do.. watch it .. wait and when it goes down - grab it by the ....
What would you consider low enough to buy Airbnb? This is definitely one to consider keep adding at every chance. I’m thinking maybe if it comes down to 100 range, I’d consider adding.

I regret not adding Apple when it was below 110 recently. You can’t go wrong with Apple, specially if you are adding in your retirement account. Watch some of the big defense stock, I don’t know anything but my gut feeling is maybe if Dems can take the senate with GA elections, there might be concern about less defense spending and those might see some pull back.

I’m taking a chance on one airline stock to recover after COVID, ERJ. This is a Brazilian plane manufacturing company, boeing was in the process of acquiring them for 4B before COVID hit.
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