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Originally Posted by iDumb
Few points ..take it however u want .

- mutual fund u chose was a poor one to yield that over past 3 years
- 2020 is somewhat of an outlier in market in terms of the rapidity in which things happened - meaning u won't be able to replicate ur returns year over year. If u can let me know I will follow what u do.
- If u are bull on nio (which personally I think is a good choice ) your arbitrary price target is irrelevant . You hold long term . Sell calls at a lower strike price if u want higher premium. Frustrations is an emotion and in ur case it is unreasonable I think.

I am very edgy lately but still fighting my inner urge to do ... Buying solid growth companies and leaving **** alone just works.

Look at Snapchat it is actually gonna be 80 dollars company ... As randomly predicted by our valuation investor with zero dollars in market. It traded 5 dollars in dec 2018. I encouraged him to buy that time ... He was too scared (emotion ). Lmao. Sorry I just love poking him ... And find his posts hilarious 😂😂. Missed out on potentially thousands of dollars in fear of losing few hundreds.

Good advice. I had a hunch 2020 was a different year. But I’d rather be up on my first year than be down by a lot. Having said that I think science and tech sector is usually a good sector to be invested in based on the last 10-15 year performance. I feel as long as I keep up to date with the latest trends and do my due diligence I won’t be doing too bad. Plus I love the infor you and Zman have been sharing lately. I can’t thank you both for your feedbacks.
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