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Who come here to vote please dont make a fool out of yourself. There is no one going to win this poll expect me. So please dont waste your vote on others. I know all other nominees who are bound to lose their bond money are trying their best to get the votes by promising false things over u2u, offering money for votes and even threatening others. Well, i dont have to go for such condescending act to get a vote. Even if i get half the vote of my existing fans over here in BC i will get double the vote of my nearest candidate.

There are two categories of members here in BC. Ones who are here for long time. I dont need to introduce myself to them at all. They are bound to vote for me even if they dont want to because most of them comes to this site only to read my posts. I know , i know, they wont tell you that, they are just shy. They don't even care to read the whole list up there. They will see my name up there and bingo. Thats why i requested to Rubu to put my name at the top so members who dont want to even see any other name there other than me can save some valuable time of theirs.

There are another category of members in BC who i call semi-illiterate people. Well if you did not made up your mind yet who to vote for, let me tell you who to vote for. You dont have to read all the names listed up there. You guys just count. Its the 12th name from the top and 3rd name from the bottom. So once you finished counting don't look around, don't try to act smart. Just vote.