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Shingara, I want to say something in disagreement with your statement toward our players. If my performance can endanger my family (by having my home attacked), I am going to play conservatively - and may even consider changing careers if reasonable alternatives exist.

If we want to look at why our players, and our citizenry at large, try to be 'safe' in their approach (e.g. delay in entrepreneurial activities in South Asia, where talent is obviously good enough to assume high level positions in FAANG) - I think we should start by looking at this "bhalo na korle mair khaba" type of thinking. Big wins come when one is willing to take risks. One is willing to take risks if they feel safe enough in their starting point.

Our players should have a difficult time on becoming outrageously good if they are carrying around the fear of failure in the back of their heads. We, the fanbase, can go a long way in taking that fear away. We need to trust that they are driven by their own purpose toward greatness, that they are working hard on that path, and that failures are part of the game.
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