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Rigged! Rigged like Indian Cricket Council.

NBA forced game 7 so hard. Series was over in game 5. 4-1. Draymond got Taskin-ed. Cavs got India treatment. LeSnitch got carried to this ring. I DON'T CARE what his stat is for this series. He showed up about 3 games late. Series was over until NBA decided to earn some extra billion$. Let's see, would NLF ban Gronk before a big game, even if he chopped someone's d!ck off? Brady got caught letting air out, still played the super bowl. Green's deal was nothing. But Green messed up by even giving them a chance to get himself suspended! Then Bogut got injured, Iggy got injured, which lead to all the downfall.

(also where the hell are all my threads? I had opened NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA and all the other stuff)
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