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Originally Posted by roman
Yes..Thats what I am hearing also. My avg is 7.40 on SOS. Waiting for it to go up enough so I could sell. Or maybe put a trailing stop loss after it reaches my Average. Lets see
I think you won’t be at a loss. I think it will most likely rebound to 10+ soon. But it’s something I wouldn’t want to hold for too long or have a large allocation of my portfolio. I’ve recovered about my Feb 22 figures thanks to crypto miners. But having said that I definitely need to redo my allocations as my crypto miners(Mara and riot) spiked over 70% of my portfolio. Ideally I’d want crypto miners to stay at 30-40% at best.

I am concerned about the market still especially with the fears that will be spewed once the March April and so on inflation data will be release which will be compared over last years(not really a fair comparison).

It might not be such a bad idea to have a little cash on the sides for the dips along the way.

I still think Nio, Tsla, pltr, are cheap and will pay off greatly end of the year.
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