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I kinda feel nauseated looking from the sideline only because I followed this story developing way before it went mainstream viral. I understood the short squeeze but the price was already so high that I didn't think the effort to cause a short squeeze would pan out as ppl with billions of dollars in fund simply don't need to close position and can easily withstand some "paper loss" . But boy the way it went viral - ddin't see that coming. WSB was a good place to get some good info sometimes. Some of those guys do good ppl wanna use it to pump a stock. Problem now is it has too much attention and grew a lot.. so that value as someone to look for good ideas is getting lost.

anyways I don't know what to make of GME anymore. It's unreasonably high but i don't think it will crash rapidly. I think it will remain high for a while. and I think they will justify a much higher valuation than before and not to mention the positive advertisement that they are getting. Regardless I would take this opportunity to day trade on it given the swing it has...

could have made lot of money - i gotta train myself to be a slightly more reckless...I think it will do me good. But oh well. Hopefully market don't crash - looks a bit tired and jittery again.
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