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Yeah when you have bunch of unemployed aunties who got nothing better to do than gossip about lovelife of young people with "ahare bechara" bhaab then you are sure to get following in droves.

Shehwar is incredibly handsome and I am sure Maria is a sweet girl, but gone are those days when you can "just" upload a video and see it amp up views and monetization. Google Verge and golden days of Youtube is over.

This is not attack on the couple but Youtube is not a level playing field. There are many industry plants and nowadays if you have the money to pour into your production with solid base and support from your production team, you can prosper. But yeah... keep sipping that koolaid that you can "just" upload a video of zoo like the founder and the raw video will somehow make it. (Let's see you do it?)

FFS there are agencies and what not behind many Youtube productions. I wouldn't be surprised if many documentary or editing production rivals million dollar budget. I LOVE Vox, but your average Joe selling hotdogs from 7-11 can no way rival them. Corporatization killed Youtube. Gee I wonder why their Rewind has the most number of dislikes.

Then there are many who started with solid base. I do not know about OP and I am sure he worked hard and built his empire brick by brick, but it also helps to have a solid fan base - which albeit you have to create brick by brick...

He also got a boost from Prothom Alo. And of course our public likes to giley khay these kind of topic. And that's fine. To his his own.

You cannot buy viral. The only reason why some people blow up is because some heavyweight name drops them. For instance a deceased blogger I followed LaoShu.. even though he had great content some no-name middle weight rapper name dropped him and he blew up. LUCK PLAYS A HUGE ROLE IN SUCCESS.

You can call me envious of their success or a sore loser. I can care less at this stage of my life. I can hardly give any F about what others think of me.

But if someone made me an offer that I will be a superstar just cuz of my lovelife and putting in limelight, I wouldn't do it for 20 million dollars. That's just not me. Money and popularity is not everything in life.
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