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LA thrilled
LA Times

The LA Kings are thrilled to have won the inaugural MLC World Series 4-3. After having being initially eliminated out in the South Division group stage, the LA Kings were given a life line after the Broncos were disqualified. And the Kings grabbed the opportunity with both hands. After having beaten the Nationals and Heat in the playoffs and division championship matches, the Kings were 3-0 up in the World Series with the initial two matches being away from home. Being tipped by the bookies and the public to win the World Series with an unassailable lead, the Tyrants came back strong and managed to square the series 3-3 with Kings having no answer whatsoever to stop the derailment. A major shakeup to the starting XI on the final match day ensured a victory by 8 runs and the coveted championship title.

Manager Maysun was ecstatic and had this to say, "Yes, we should have closed down the Series at home when we were 3-0 up and a major hiccup allowed the Tyrants to square the series, but the past is past and we have won the decider and that is all. It was a team effort, the guys out there, the guys behind the scene and the guys in suits, and not to forget, the fans!" On quizzed about the major changes to the starting XI and the fact that Kings went without a spinner in the deciding match, Maysun responded, "Look, my job is to put out the best XI on the field that I think will ensure us a victory. That is all." Indeed, with the inclusion of Vaas, the experienced veteran, in place of A.Rashid, he claimed 3 wickets in the final. "I'm glad to have got the opportunity and have duly contributed to the team's effort and I'm happy with that"

Sachin, the veteran and the leader of the Kings was as excited as a 20 year old, "I'm glad we won the Series. It was quite tough and mentally challenging to be tied 3-3 after being 3-0 up, but we held our nerves at the end of the day and came out victorious. I'm happy with the effort everyone has put in, it was a total team effort. We are glad to have been given the second opportunity and we made it count". Sachin was chosen as the World Series MVP, having scored 391 runs at a SR of 136.71 with a healthy avg of 55.85. He had scored 5 50's in the 7 innings he has played. Led right from the front as a leader with his stellar performances.

Equally elated was the Kings' owner, Eli Broad, "I had full faith in Maysun and the board when he was chosen as the GM. Everything went right from the draft to the performance. Sure, we have been given a second chance, but hey, that's sports and we made it count. I would like to thank everyone associated with the LA Kings and they can all expect a grand feast and a big bash from me as soon as we are done with the ICC World T20. The people of LA has been fantastic, they were right behind the team even before we went on to the field. I have also been contacted by a few personnel from Hollywood and they want to script our amazing road to the championship. And we would look into the details later. I would like to personally thank Mr. Dilscoop for bringing cricket to America and it's people and for staging such a wonderful tournament. No one else could have done it right. I tip my hat to him and our GM. Long live LA, and let's party!"

With the conclusion of the first series of MLC, the attention shifts towards the ICC World Twenty20 starting today, with serious questions being asked whether it can match the excitement and buzz of the MLC.
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