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Originally Posted by Rifat
The most technically sound batsmen in the Zimbabwean lineup is probably Brendan Taylor. Other than him, I have noticed many of their players have major technical weaknesses. example: Substantial Gap between Bat and Pad/ playing any from body(without proper timing/excellent hand-eye coordination it can screw you up) etc...No way Bangladesh should lose this. not acceptable. Let's pounce on it.
Technique has become a small part of batting in the sense, that everybody figures out their stance and playing style from an early age, and the higher up they move, they don't change it in fear of destroying what got them here thus far. Mazakadza, Mire, Ervine and Raza can all bat, believe me you. Their averages and strike rates are almost identical to our top and middle order, in some cases, they are better.

It's just that we are more confident and have the home advantage, that's all. Do you for a moment think a series in Zimbabwe right now won't be close, after how abysmally we performed vs SA in SA?
The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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