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Bangladesh looked like any other senior ODI playing country in this series. Ash is way above the rest and on par with the best players in the world. As for the others, Bashar, Javed, Pilot, Rafique, Rasel, Mortaza looked good. Aftab and Nafees need to curb silly strokes and then they will do well.

Other countries will be wary of Bangladesh and will not take games with them lightly.

The Australians will have to watch out. They can definitly lose an ODI to Bangladesh in April. Coming after playing on the fast Aussie and South African wickets, their batsmen will find it difficult with the ball keeping low, swinging and not really coming onto the bat. The heat and the humidity too will need some getting used to. I am not sure if the ODIs would come before the tests. If they would, then you would have a much better chance of beating the Aussies in an ODI.
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