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I fell asleep later in the Sri Lanka innings. What happened, Masri was like 12 runs in 6 overs and ended up with over 70 runs in 10? That must have hurt bad.

Taposh eased the proceedings early on for Sri Lanka when Rasel and particulary Masri, bowled so tight. I don't know who we could use in place of Taposh, but that to me was the turning point. It is not at all unusual that Sri Lanka scored over 300 runs, but they should not have been allowed to, after such a good bowling start for us.

I am a little disappointed with this 3rd match, but certainly, overall our performance is commendable. We really are at least one good pace bowler short, if not two. But I take away more positives than negatives from the ODIs. Hope the team does the same.
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