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1. Most importantly, we won a match- I think that's a big achievement.
2. Ash's back to back 50. He did it in England and has done it again. I only hope he keeps it up.
3. Bashar finally getting some runs. I always wondered why such a good test player like him never clicked in ODIs.
4. Arrival of Russel! He has bowled beautifully. I ferevently pray that he won't fade away like a lot of others who showed tremendous promise at the beginning but failed to live up to that later.

1. Yes, we have won a match- but our overall performance remains pretty poor. It might not sound too good, but I must say- with this quality of our team, we cannot hope to win matches frequently against the top teams.
2. Aftab got the MOM award in the 2nd match- but looking at his other two performances, I am not so sure about his batting ability. (i.e. how consistent he is really?)
3. Our batting was abysmal in the first match and in the second match we simply gave away too many runs- we need to improve these aspects.

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