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Player's can take away a lot of positives from this series. We fans have been proven wrong North South East and West.

1) Yes, it probably was a good thing that we canceled the Zim/Ken series so players could take a break from international cricket and play domestic.
2) Selectors sided with experience, retaining the same players from our last tour. We repeatedly called for performers in domestic matches to be included, but clearly, performing/failing at domestic level will by no means affect international performance. However, I thought that maybe Al-Sahariar might have done enough to earn a recall......maybe for the test series? I don't see Aftab and S.Nafees as test calibre players. Rajin and Al-Sahariar could possibly be better.
3)every innings our batsmen scored more and more runs.

We can feel satisfied with this series, a rarity for Bangladesh cricket. It should put us in good stead for the test series.

What we need now is a THIRD (quality) SEAMER! A 140+kph one preferrably!
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