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we have become corrupt to the core. We are now know as chor-batparer desh. Everyone everywhere is shamelessly corrupt. If something reaches the media, everyone has a ready-made line - Amader kachey jodi kuno complaint ashey, amra oboshshoi ta todonto korey dekhbo.

Corrupt govt one after another as politicians keep linings their pockets.
Corrupt police and RAAB - lack of justice system
Widespread bhejal in food
Every possible way of tricking / scamming people are being used by crooks
New culture of call-girls, prostitution areas and luichcha buiras in private offices who sexually harrass younger girls.
Culture of husband and wife must both work and thus kids are upto no good after school as they are on their own.
Nongrami in media behind closed doors ( Lux photogenic , etc. )
Rape happens too frequently.
Political goons are untouchable and can do whatever they want.
Situation is so bad in the country that most people have escaped abroad to make a life.
Biased ruthless politics
No proper govt public transport system ( trains and buses )
No proper garbage collection or system
Old airport left to us by Pakistanis

Garments industry
People are no longer poor
Beggars are difficult to find
LPG use by vehicles
Abundance of shopping malls
Abundance of restaurants
Abundance of cars being used by everyone
Everyone has mobile phones
We have multiple BD channels now
Bangabandhu satellite
Cricket team
Cricket stadiums
Biman is now a decent airline ( I still wouldn't fly it though )
Food is plentiful
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