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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
..that was a typo..whasington nationals is the team was wasington vs broncos..dont you see your players?

and yes its a sim its not wasn't suppose to be real but go as close to real as it can get..and in real life even the mighty Aus lost to bangladesh facepalm:...we should just stop the league and give you the cup
my point was never about losing bro!

Bangladesh have won against Australia for sure, but show me one result that included top bowlers even in a cement pitch! That went for 91 in 8 overs with run rate over 11+ and all the bowlers being top class!

Say bangladesh beat australia, but tell me if the bowlers of australi went for 11+ runs?

My point is when was the last time, on an average each bowlers went for 11+ runs in the first 8 overs in real life, any example please?
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