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Haters can go: Wiz Khalifa
The gold of the rap industry, Wiz Khalifa has come out and leapt onto his haters in a recent press conference regarding his new franchise in the MLC called the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rumour has it within the Denver Broncos camp there were talks of Pittsburgh Pirate and one key figure within the Broncos franchise told his team that the Pittsburgh Pirates are the 'worst team in the tournament'. This information got leaked by an unnamed player within the Broncos camp and Khalifa was furious upon the remarks about his team.

Khalifa telling where dem haters at.

"I worked my butt off to put a good team together", responded Khalifa
"Who the hell has the right to tell my team off when the comp hasnt even started"
"Who does Denver Broncos have that make their team so great?"
"Rolling my joint is more at ease nowadays since i know i have built a successful team"

Recently the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the KC Chiefs in a warm up match which might prove doubts to the minds of Khalifa's haters.

"Where dem haters at y'all?", giggles Khalifa
"Haters can go cos we in this bi***!"

There have been rumours that if his team wins the MLC comp this year, Khalifa will release a song regarding the success of his team.
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