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Old December 29, 2017, 10:51 AM
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Default Rohit Sharma is a MONSTER!

Rohit Sharma is a monster
Zeeshan Mahmud

Following is a compilation of series of Facebook posts I made on my page and a group dedicated exclusively to the Hitman shortly after his assault.

Is Rohit Sharma gang affiliated by any chance?
Is Rohit Sharma a certified psycho?
How many babies do Rohit Sharma eat a day?
Is Rohit Sharma dead?
What's next Rohit Sharma? Climbing Everest backwards....? Naked?
If Rohit Sharma wants a six, you have to bowl a ball that gives a six.
Gee, Rohit Sharma. Why don't you play against yourself and put an end to this misery?
How can I be like Rohit Sharma?
Rohit Sharma is not Navy SEAL. Navy SEAL is Rohit Sharma.
At this point, answer to any my life questions is Rohit Sharma.
Hey honey,I'll be back from Walmart....just to grab another 264. #rohitsharmaproverbs
Hey honey, do you think blue or azure tie goes with my alpha male suit? #rohitsharmaproverbs
In jungles of Mohali, every morning a batsman must wake up to see if he can outwit the bowler. Or else he will die. In the same jungle every morning a bowler wakes up to see if he can survive Rohit Sharma. Or else his career will end. lol #rohitsharmaproverbs
Complete: 209. 264, 208*...
1. 300; 2. 400; 3. 500; 6. why do we even bother #rohitsharmaproverbs
How can you guys possibly sit here so calmly and pretend as if Rohit Sharma didn't do one of the most INSANE thing in the world? And I am Bangladeshi. FFS!!!!! #rohitsharmaproverbs
Jesus Christ, it's Rohit Sharma.
Hey honey...lol... I can't decide which double hundred Man of the Match Award I must share today? #rohitsharmaproverbs
Think of climbing Everest. Going to the moon. Or breaking barrier of 4-minute mile. Now repeat it three times. There is your Rohit Sharma. #rohitsharmaproverbs
ICC really need to make a law on prohibiting double hundreds. #rohitsharmaproverbs
It's an honor to leak 100 runs to Rohit Sharma. #rohitsharmaproverbs
I think it is only fitting to end this with the comment that I was forced to post in the 'hashtag rohit sharma proverbs' thread:

Just so people don't think I am trolling I will tell you a story. I was at a restaurant and watching the tv. Suddenly his 208 came out. I never saw it live. At one point, after his innings I noticed how - as they always do- the Sri Lankans came to greet hands with him to congratulate. I turned to an Indian looking fella and said: "Now that- that is respect.

As a Bangladeshi, my favorite player always has been Rohit Sharma after Sehwag's retirement. McCullum, ABD and Gayle and Watson comes close.

I think the testament to a master's reputation is how much respect his enemy pays.

This is Rohit Sharma
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