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Old March 5, 2011, 01:27 PM
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Default The 'Support-Shakib' Thread

The reports by anonymous former cricketers, attacks on his house, just made me express my feelings regarding Shak, after growing doubts in people's minds abt him

Regarding the report by ex cricketer,....i can still believe in all of these, and still tell u that i am with Shakib 200%, and SHAK IS RIGHT!!
ok, now first point, he's day in and day out gone there to perform...delivered....it isnt just a fluke that he's been in top odi allrounder, bowling rankings and benn so consistent with bat......he gives 110% on the field..and out of nowhere..suddenly u just come across once in a lifetime low score as of 58...when fans start giving u all kinds of chants (disgusting ones)......heck, trust me...that time, if i would be there....i would reply him backk too.....no one purposely ever tries to go out for 58, ur upset.in the heat of moment...u expect he is gonna be quiet?....GUYS, remember, he is just A HUMAN BEING......not GOD, only GOD wont do mistakes.....i am studying here in US, and ofcourse, when i graduate, i expect to receive a handsome salary....and will demand more coz i know i can deliver, and deserve too....its just professionalism....who deosnt want any money..., and yea, i too will buy an apartment in US, get my parents here....but that doesnt mean i am gonna abandon Bangladesh forever and wont give back anything to my nation....and never go back there.......Shakib is just same like u all..leading an ordinary lifestyle...and like what everyone does.....its the fans which want him to act like an angel, and AM SO SAD that people here in BC, are actually gonna be upset by Shak reading that report (considering that report is authentic)

I have some questions for YOU ALL:
1st Question
Has there been any point of ur life, that u never got angry, never yelled at ur best of friends, neveracted rudely, or perfectly behaved in front of everyone mantaining a 100 % reccord conduct. To my elederly brothers, go back during ur youth days, and to the youth, were u guys perfect? Just try to recollect, and notice that how many times we have been bad, emotion got the better of us? Isn't it..
Then why EXCLUDE SHAKIB out of this list?

2nd question
If u r good at a task, it can be any task at which u are SUPERB, and if some people wanna hire u in that job, wanting RESULTS, and u tell them u will, U will politely accept to do with very low amount?....Come on, BE HONEST, dont fool urself, We all want money isnt it, especially if its related to our major, or profession, coz you have studied, practised of confident of performing, Wouldnt u demand higher pay? Then why the hell we search for Better jobs, why why??? YEa, its Money......we all want the DESREVED amounts of payage, and that makes us happy isnt it....Its perfectly justified, coz i am earning legally by doing tasks at what i am superb, and this is why i a paid for, and if i can do better, why not more?
Then why EXCLUDE SHAKIB out of this list?

3rd Question
Dont u guys wanna give ur parents, ur family members all the happiness in this world, even if ur parents are not willing, or they dont want to, dont u wanna give them the things which u couldnt before in ur life....doenst it make u feel so great if cud take them for a world tour, for ur mother a great House, for ur sisters, some luxurious clothes, favourite cars for ur brother, etc. even if ur family dont want any of these, and just wants ur happines...If u get a lot of money, wouldnt u want to share ur happiness, by spending in things that will make U feel happier coz u r doing it for ur family..? Or will u just keep that money building up, and just look at that and do nothing....We earn for what?? Dont we wanna make our families go anywhere exotic, coz we love them so much, we wanna make them experience everything, even if they dont want to, isnt it??
Then why EXCLUDE SHAKIB out of this list?

Shakib's agressive reactions after dismisals of Sehwag in test series (during that famous 'ordinary' incident), his crying after loosing to Eng in close 2nd game at home (Tamim told), his shedding of a drop of water from his eyelid in that opening ceremony, and above all, HIS ALLROUND performance, explicitly stating that he wants Bangladesh to be in top 5, vindicates nothing except that he is just a normal guy there, GIVIGN HIS ALL OUT for Bangladesh's ascendency in an area related to his profession, that is Cricket.

People expect that since he is NO.1 in cricket, he will be no.1 in just about everything.....but am sorry, we all just got it horribly wrong...PLZ dont elevate a cricket star like him to be an angel or in worst cases, to be PERFECT like GOD, because NO HUMAN BEING is....We all are Normal human beings, with normal lives....

Shakib is just a normal guy, who happens to be Brilliant in cricket, leading a normal lifestyle, and yes, a PATRIOT of BD doing his bit in excelling Bangladesh to GLORY!

Post in, or sign in, to mark this as your support for one of the GREATEST HEROES of Bangladesh, Shakib al Hasan, and let it be known that we all LOVE him, and have no doubts concerning his commitment and dedication to Bangladesh cricket.
(Mods: Can u plz let this remain as a separate thread, coz i think after all this distractions of people stoning his house and then this disturbing news from everywhere regarding Shakib, i feel there must be 'support for Shakib' type thread just devoted for this purpose)
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