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Old March 5, 2003, 12:57 PM
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Default \"Demands to get Gordon Back\" - Fwullah

I enjoyed reading that article.. (I rarely enjoy any article).. there were some interesting phrases there....

Ex: "What the Mohsin Kamal - Khaled Mashud combination has done best so far is that they have spoken too much and has not shown that on the field. For the moment, we need somebody who can show it on the field rather than speak about it to any media or any person."

Anyways, I do not agree on having Gordon back. I mean, according to you fwuallah - when we have to sacrifice player's cost (Akram Khan's) to pay the coach - then we have a problem here.

We need a coach who will really care for the players/Bangladesh. The problem is - you can't find that in foreign coaches. So we can get a BD coach but there isn't any qualified one (Nazim Shirazi is too young to be a coach ) I always thought Gordon was the ideal man (qualified & careing?) till he changed his name to Gordon Greedy.
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Old March 5, 2003, 03:00 PM
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Default Imran Sarwar

For the time being, I would love to see Imran Sarwar back in the helm while BCB gets a sponsor (will be a hard buy) to be able to get a coach with a a solid background. Gordon Greedy did well for us but his intentions are a little grey, wanting more money is not a problem however, who doesn't want money, right ?

Someone like Bob Woolmer would be a god send - IF, BCB let's him do his job. Look how much George Kottan (Austrian) cared for our football despite being dogged by BFF time and again. Wollmer may feel the same was as well.

If we do want to go with a local coach, Imran Sarwar would be number one choice. Former players would be good options if we decide to be patient with them. They can't do any worse then Mohsin Kamal.
As for Shirazi bhai, don't know if he would be willing to leave his life here for the crap he would have to face from BCB for sure.

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Old March 5, 2003, 03:53 PM
Pundit Pundit is offline
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I hope Nazim Shirazi never reads this -

No doubt, if he were a young 22 year old now, he would be playing for our national team. He would be no Rokon, or Opee, or whomever else, but someone much better. Someone we the loving fans would see bat for the team through his entire career, and not be just a 2 year burst.

But I don't understand the unbriddled passion for having him as BD's coach ? I think if we were to be definitely chosing a local coach, then he would be a possibility. But personally, I don't support that either (don't know fully why, atleast yet).

I've heard people mention the need to have coaches with international exposure - after all, BD is a TEST team. NS is far from that. Notice the great man himself mention that he had to stop playing Cricket for BD at a relatively young age - so really, NS was lucky to have been carried all the way he had been by virtue of his cricketing talents, entirely.

This means that he hardly has been trained by people outside the local environment (guessin' ...I could be wrong). We may say that he was trained here in the US too. But by whom..a retired Gary Sobers ? Most likely not - more like someone with the same credentials as Mohsin K or Mr. Chappel.

The problem is, with BD's depth of problems, we really need a great coach to fix everything. Not some amateur turned professional (Mohsin Kamal).

And ofcourse, we all know that coaching is just part of the problem......and in sequence beginning with the biggest problem..

1. Current BCB
2. Selection Committee
3. Demoralized/non-committed players (just being Bengali)
4. Coach
5. Infra-structure

Fixing infra-structure is a long term issue, it doesn't happen over night. But fortunately looking at Kenya/Nam/Canada/HOLLAND, infra-structure needs to be addressed, but as long as we have decent long term planning, it will be ok.

And about Akram Khan...man, he was playing Kenya. Why is every body go-go-ga-ga over that ?
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Old March 5, 2003, 05:38 PM
Tehsin Tehsin is offline
BanglaCricket Founder
Join Date: June 20, 2002
Location: Virginia, USA
Favorite Player: তামীম, শা
Posts: 9,471
Default Pundit bhai

The go go go over Akram was simply because of his tehcnique. he is no Inzamam but he was more composed then any of the other inept batsmen. Tusher scored 48 but you will notice that no one cared about it. The way he was fishing for the balls, the swings and misses were just gut crunching to watch. On the other hand, Akram uncle rarely sent the ball sky high. he was aiming for the ground, unlike the rest of his team mates.

To tell you the truth, if Rokon hadn;t gone out, he could have gone on to score a big innings against the weak Kenyan attack - just to show how weak it looked. I do see your point that Akram played against Kenya, still, chahca still has more ghilu then the rest of them.
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