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Originally Posted by aklemalp
Well, it happened again. Amy Klobuchar announced that she is running for President, talking proudly of fighting global warming while standing in a virtual blizzard of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Bad timing. By the end of her speech she looked like a Snowman(woman)!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 10, 2019
As much as we make fun of Trump's global warming tweets, they include some lessons on politics that democrats need to learn, if they want to win.

As I always say, this is the age of T20 in politics. You need to see the ball, hit the ball. Whatever you believe, you need to come clean about it without stuttering. Your passion about your beliefs, right or wrong, projects strength, and when politics is polarized, strong candidates win. Example: Trump, Bolsonerao, Duterte, Erdogan.

Also another rule of thumb to win US presidency in the current climate is holding your base. Trump clearly understands it and he never ever upsets his base. Rightfully or wrongfully, symbolically or honestly, he followed through his campaign promises - TPP, wall, Iran deal, Paris agreement, Moslem ban, China trade war etc. He continuously and tirelessly throws red meat, like the tweet above, to his base, and keeps appeasing them. That his approval rating hovers between solid 35 to 40% is a proof that his base is still firmly behind him. They will be behind him no matter what. No apocalypse can stop MAGA followers from supporting Trump. When the base is intact, it becomes easier to gather the remaining vote percentage and cross the finish line. This is how Trump won in 2016. This is how very likely he will win in 2020.

Also a strong base allows the President to keep his party in check. No republican today dare challenge Trump, because if they do, Trump will unleash his base to end their political career.

Now look at the democrats. They are doing the exact opposite. Their base wants to hear bold left leaning, social democratic policies, proven by Bernie's success in 2016, and yet, instead of appeasing their own base, they come across as centrists/pragmatists, and thus stutter and limp on their way. They get bogged down with questions of practicality and how to pay. Of course there are ways to pay for these bold projects, but politics is not supposed to be about how to pay and pragmatic incremental progress. Trump never got bogged down about how to pay for his wall. He vehemently doubled down on costs, and still does unabashedly. Democrats fail to do the same. Result? It projects weakness, and turns off their own base, if not consciously, definitely subconsciously.

Democrats think that instead of appeasing their base, coming across as holier than thou and uniter will win them the white house. WRONG! This is not the 90s anymore. The era of triangulation is over. Hillary Clinton lost to Trump by adopting this strategy. She thought she could insult her own base but gain enough republican votes and coast to the white house. Guess what? She did not flip a single republican vote. Out of resentment, 9% democrats voted for Trump. Let alone the MAGA guys, even a moderate republican will never vote for a democrat. Thus, it is futile to play the unity and pragmatist card. Republicans never play the unity card. In this polarized environment and age of extreme propaganda, unity means coming across as phony and weak. Thus to win, Dems must be combative and fight for their own vision without any misgiving.

I AM NOT TRUMP did not win democrats in 2016. It will not work in 2020 either. 2020 outcome shall be determined by voter turnout. If democrats do not provide their base enough reason to vote FOR, definitely not enough democratic voters will turn out to vote AGAINST and defeat Trump. That will mean a replay of 2016 and a Trump second term!
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