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A very interesting story is being unfolded here with the stealing of Bezos' d**k pic by National Enquire.

NE obtained these pics and blackmailed Bezos to make a claim that NE's publications are not politically motivated.

Of course Bezos made a smart move here - being the richest man of human history, instead of giving into their foolish demand, he made a counter attack by employing investigators to find out how NE obtained those pics.

This put NE in the backfoot.

Now why is this in the Trump thread?

Because there are two suspects here.

1. Saudi used their money get these pictures about Bezos because they are really unhappy about WaPo's coverage of Khashoggi killing.

2. Trump asked for these pictures to take revenge on Bezos. Trump was always jealous of Bezos, because he does not have as much money as Bezos.

People are suspecting Trump because of his silence. He is not taking a shot at Bezos, which is very anti-Trump. If he was not involved in the process, it is very likely that he would be first one take cheap shot at Bezos, but he is not doing so. This is very unTrumpian.

Trump is really being stupid here. If you want to revenge on Bezos, tax him. But of course he cannot do so, because he also wants tax cut for himself. So he is probably tangoing in the wrong way with the wrong person, which might even cost him his presidency.
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