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Oh man, what's with all the rage here. The way things are going, won't be surprised if this forum dies before the next wc. I have been a member here long enough to see some reasons behind the decline of this forum:

- people with different views ususally gets banned (ex: I was no fan of Anik but honestly should not have been banned. Seen several indians got banned aswell - simply because they had a negative view of our team where as we bash our team day in day out lol)
-Admins gives zero f8cks about this forum. Alteast come back once a month to take care of the sh*t. How hard is that?
-interesting people like dilscoop and co quit, made the forum less interesting to visit on a regular basis.
-useless 1 liner threads are being opened quite often
-and now this continious spambots.

I used to visit this site several times a day back in the days, barely check 2-3 times a week now.
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