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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
Jadukor Bhai thank you but no need to defend me

Idumb is right and wrong in both way. Right in what he is saying is truth. Wrong in a way that he is thinking I am quiting because of this attack where mod team knows what I did in 2017.

Anyway not defending myself as I agree with idumb and most of others regarding my tenure as mod. I don't think I had the right temperament of a good mod. I have sent my resignation to nasif Bhai in the mean time I will help cleaning up this mess as much as I can..should not have totally stop being a cleanup mod under this crisis
You are well within your right not to do the clean up job. None of the mod/admin tools are working and bots are registering every minute. We had requested for upgrades during April 2018. Nothing has happened. The reason why i am trying to rock the boat is to draw attention of the higher powers to bring about change. Airing internal dirty laundry outside is a direct violation of rules and overall a risky strategy but apart from the resident asshole everyone else understands the situation and why we did it. I will take this result as a success.

Secondly it was not your call to be a mod and we decided and invited you to be a mod. It is a thankless job where you ultimately end up making enemies out of the worst people in the forum. It does take a mental toll over a long period of time. Lets hang up the boots together once we see off this situation
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