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Originally Posted by Jadukor
So you know it is through an invitation that we get to be moderator. Somehow i felt that you think we bribed our way into the mod team. The truth is Nightwolf was asked to be a mod because he has the integrity to be one.

All of your talk is just speculation because you have never had this role and so your experience is always going to be from the outside looking in. I think i have been a mod 9 years now and i can say you were never considered. Not even remotely.
hahhahaha. What a gem of a post. Yes it's an elite club. Number 1 criteria that's needs is you have to be a sissy like night wolf.

Sometimes ppl who look from outside have the best view because you can't smell your own odor. NW do not have integrity so that's a fail.

And no there is no speculation on my part. I wasn't considered during your term.. hahahahah... ofcourse I wasnt - i wouldn't either if i saw someone who writes the way I write. But you are speculating that it is a character flaw in me. Far from it.

I don't run away from problem like a bi&ch like night wolf and also you.
Life is short. Have an affair.

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