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Originally Posted by Jadukor
I am just curious since you have been in the forum super long, have you ever been a mod?
I was offered over a decade ago when a username chinaman was all the rage. I declined because 1. I couldn't be me. 2. I don't need power tripping. But if I was - i wouldnt be bi%&*^ here when you are actually needed.

Believe it or not - mods aren't always necessary to stop member bickering. that is not what drives a site to gutters. things take care of themselves. but these adult content needs intervention.

Irony is you all used to jump to break a fight between members but say i quit when there is spam attack. that's innapropriate. if u gonna do that u should have not been a mod to begin with.

there is a matbori component in breaking up fight of members - so u all like it. "last warning" "i am not gonna write this again" from that to "I quit" " i can't take this spam".. all it took was a string of codes to break night wolf... embarrasing for wolf out there...
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