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Originally Posted by oronnya
Doesn’t matter what you think. ACU didn’t find a single account of match fixing. Not guilty until proven.

Now that you are speculating that he wanted to meet to verify the authenticity, I can speculate that he wanted to meet maybe because he was threatened somehow. Maybe he wanted to deal with that face to face. My question is despite getting approached thrice, why didn’t he fix a single match? He deleted few messages then why didn’t he delete the whole thread? What was he thinking? Why would you keep trace of such dangerous exchange? Why is he not disclosing the name of the person, who provided his info to the bookie?

Stop calling him a fixer, when he is not. He broke a rule and he is getting punished. That’s all- chapter closed.
I am also specualting that Shakib wanted to meet the guy to give him a beating for continuously disturbing him.
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