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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I am inclined to disagree with oronnya. I don't for a second think he didn't go forward because there was threat to his life. lol

Trust me. He WOULD have let that known. I think many of you are still in denial. Love Donal's post but also respect Ahnaf's view as well.
Fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion and I am to mine. At this point, we all can speculate so many things. Or even if I accept that he wanted to meet the guy with ill intentions, the fact that he didn’t fix ANY matches or provided any information of his teams tells you that he didn’t compromise his team’s honour at the end. All of a sudden we all are acting as masihas and as if none of us has broken any rules in our lives. Just imagine, to approach someone of Shakib’s calibre the offer has to be really big and lucrative, so to deny such an offer requires a LOT of self-control. Even if you think he slipped for a second, the fact that he declined the offer at the end is most important and that should be credited. Do you think ACU would have spared him if they found any information on match-fixing?

Now tell me this (which is bothering me a lot) if Shakib is not stupid, why would he not delete the whole thread of their conversation? A criminal won’t leave any trace if that’s the only evidence ACU had against him. He deleted few messages so it did cross his mind that if ACU reads it will be dangerous, then why would you not delete the whole thread? It looks like as if he was expecting someone to read these messages, so he conveniently deleted only a few. Anyways at this point, everything is speculation. But the truth is SHAKIB is NOT A FIXER. We should get that out of our system. I never consider these players as superhuman so it’s not like I have a lot of respect for Shakib the person and now I am in denial as it broke my heart. It didn’t, I am going by the fact. I am standing by him until he is proved guilty and all the fans should do that. The whole world got a chance to speculate and dying to tag him as a fixer but we the Bangladeshi fans should just remind them, not guilty until it’s proven so they can ........ Anyways let’s move on and let’s consider it as a good example for the young cricketers! I am glad that Shakib got punished, WTH was this guy thinking?

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