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Shakib IS lucky its not harsher. The fact he's not even attempting to fight this illustrates he knows it too.

So we know for a fact this guy obtained his personal number and messaged him numerous times over the SL series and BPL and he did nothing.

Then he gets messaged again about the IPL and he ARRANGES A MEETING. Then he deletes several messages. Why on earth would he schedule a meeting with a guy who was blatantly wanting to fix games, who Shakib admitted he thought was dodgy. if not to arrange the details.

If I were to put on my tinfoil hat I'd say the ICC were investigating this for a while but had no evidence. Then recently they obtain the key evidence they needed to nail him. Hmmmmmm......

Graeme Cremer was approached, immediately reported it and no issues, as have many others. If it were a once off message I can understand but we're talking several over months and he agreed to arrange a meeting in the texts for gods sake.

Had all the money and training in the world to avoid this and did it anyway. Stupid.

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