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Exclamation Shahriar Nafees Ahmed in ODIs, the Man with the REAL Auloukik Kaupal !

How does he continue to escape the axe ? The Josephite English combined with those "dashing good looks" ?

Just the ODI numbers against strong, test playing nations, NOT including the depleted Zimbabwe.

REMEMBER: He's a "top order" batsman, a "class opener".

Total Matches: 23
Total Runs: 411
HS: 75, two 50s
LS: , 4 times
API (Average Per Innings): 17.9
AC (Average in terms of Consistency, subtract HS and LS from the total, and divide by total matches minus 2): 16.0

....... The breakdown .......

Total Runs, first 10 matches: 284
HS, first 10 matches: 75, two 50s, 8 more double figure finishes (51, 10, 47, 11, 39, 21, 17, 13)
LS, first 10 matches: , just once, no other single figure finish !
API, first 10 matches: 28.4
AC, first 10 matches: 26.1

Total Runs, last 13 matches: 127
HS, last 13 matches: 38, no 50s, 3 more double figure finishes (16, 33, 12)
LS, last 13 matches: , 3 times, 6 more single figure finishes (5, 2, 1, 6, 6, 5)
API, last 13 matches: 9.7
AC, last 13 matches: 8.1
Any doubts?

Having said all that, he's still young and more than capable of improving. In fact, I think he has improved a great deal as far as some of his footwork is concerned, and his defense looks more compact than ever. His much improved overall fitness level also contrinuted to remarkable improvements in his fielding.

That said, poking about outside off stump with poor movement of the feet continues to plague him. He may actually be getting worse. I think he needs an extensive break, correct those issues in the PCL, NCL, Academy and A-Team cricket, and make a justifiable comeback at the highest level of limited overs cricket. Middle order will be a good place for him initially, until he scores his way up to the # 3 slot.

When he does, he'll be able to sustain his career and become the ODI cricketer we all thought he was going to become during the beginning of his career. We'll all benefit from that.

Peace ...

PS: He's better in test matches, streaky runs and all. It's not all about still milking those Fatullah heroics.
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