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Default Who are the future core of the team?

Among our last fab five - Mash already admitted himself that he should not be selected again. Riyad and Tamim - both I believe are 2-3 years older than their official ages, and, not surprisingly, struggling nowadays to stay fit. Only Mushfiq and Shakib prolly will continue till 2023.

All in all, it's high time BCB identify a new core, who can play in all format and all conditions (ie, not someone like our Test captain who only clicks at home). That new core need to be persisted with, and supported both in their good and bad patches. My ideal players would have already shown excellent talents, but also have shown drive to improve, drive to overcome their limitations (a la Shakib or Tamim).

My core would be -

Fizz: probably the most talented fast bowler Bangladesh have ever produced. It's frustrating with him now, but, for the sake of Bangladesh cricket, I hope he will overcome his bad patch. Like Mash said, show me someone who has half the talent Fizz has.

Miraz: Well liked by everyone, has been the leading Test bowler for Bangladesh instantly since his debut. Good to see he's realizing his batting talents as well now.

Liton: He has been bullying the domestics in all formats for last few years. Not as consistent at international level, but I think it's only a matter of time. He technically looks much better now than when he started - which makes me believe he has what it takes to become a mainstay of our batting.

Soumya: One of the best batsmen Bangladesh ever produced who plays well in away conditions (Test away average ~42). He needs to overcome his weakness against quality spin (needs a batting coach who specializes in this regard), to be effective at home as well.

Mosaddek: All class against spin, not so much against pace. But, my observation is that Mosaddek has been also showing lots of signs of improvement, which is encouraging.

Please share your thoughts.
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