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Originally Posted by Rinathq
Boy you just love starting fights with everyone.

1. "a chump change compare to what politicians in Bangladesh extract from various business ventures... they make millions"

Before: Mash is not retiring because he enjoys the central contract without playing. After: Mash let go of the central contract because he makes millions elsewhere. Decide your mind already!

2. "How does that increase a younger players chance?"

Only the fact that freeing up a player from the central contract will allow an extra player to be a part of it. BCB gets it, other players gets it, normal people get it. I rest my case

3. This is another of his power trip/I am so good image move - oh yeah i remove myself - no body else.

Yup it is a "I am so good image move" when he clearly refused BCB's offer to arrange a farewell series and clearly indicated he doesnt want a grand exit. Whatever the hell "I am so good image move" means anyway.

4. "a politician who won by theft have no respect in my book. part of a corrupt system. a criminal."

Thank God Mash's life doesnt depend on idumb's respect. And Thank God there are only millions of people that does respect him and has seen his dedication and commitment. Apologies he couldnt make America great again.
Well response, because of all the negative mindset good person don’t get involved in politics;
Mash wanted to do good for people and getting involved in politics is the best option to do that ; he only himself can’t change other area’s corruption / or charges of voting systems. He choose the ruling team by the inspiration of The leader/ as said Bangabandu Sheikh Mujib. That is Mash choice , and people attack him as he committed a crime , that is not democracy how we describe!
Enough Ranting’ thanks everyone, peace!
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