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Originally Posted by Rinathq
Mash just got himself removed from the central contract to give chance to another player. where are those mash haters now? Bhai 4 lakh takar lobhe porar manush Mashrafe Bin Mortaza Koushik na... hoile he would be the richest cricket in the country.. not Shakib
You sound like one dumb kid when it comes to Mashrafee. Get that blind devotion out of your system and analyze things properly.

4 lakh taka a month is what a central contract? that's 60K usd a year - a chump change compare to what politicians in Bangladesh extract from various business ventures... they make millions. But they not gonna tell you that - they will release news that will make devoted dumbos be at awe.

Voluntarily takes himself off contract - LMAO. How does that increase a younger players chance? you can be in contract and still have young ppl play the 11. u sit in bench. Maybe take the money and give it to charity. Stop releasing news as if you are some sort of God taking urself off ... u don't belong in the playing 11. u don't belong in central contract. but u getting the respect because u are a big part of BD cricket hsiotry but more importantly now a politician who loves going into power trip time to time. This is another of his power trip/I am so good image move - oh yeah i remove myself - no body else.

a politician who won by theft have no respect in my book. part of a corrupt system. a criminal.
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