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shocking innings defeat again.. if we're to improve, we need to give it a go with all the options we have.. the way BD playing at the moment, I'm pretty sure our test status in real danger.. let's think logically and find some answers.. here are few reasons why Ash should be dropped from captaincy:

- He is very selfish and doesn’t give enough credit to his team mates
- His decision making skills plays the same frustrating role as his batting
- His record as captain not just poor very worrying
- His record as batsman fails to meet international standard
- He often gets his partner run out, again very selfish
- Except the occasional fluke he has nothing which can impress the cricket loving fan

I think it’s time for a change, we need a new leader who can show us the right path.. I’m saying again – there is no harm in trying, we’re losing anyway…
go tigers get' em boyz..
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