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Originally Posted by crikfreak
as much as i dont like ashraful and think tht he's a total fluke with a big head..thinks too much of himself.. i wudn't drop him.. not because of him.. i wud not drop him for the sake of the team.. coz u drop him.. ur next choice will be: mash, sakib or razzak.. now.. i wud no way.. no how.. no matter how good he does.. make sakib the captain at this stage.. it wud probably be the biggest mistake ever made by anyone.. he is too young.. he's doing gr8.. let him get better.. after 5 yrs.. u gimme this proposal.. i'll agree without thinkin twice.. and razzak isn't a regular test player.. which leaves us with mashrafe.. now.. he may hv the xperience and all that.. but he gets injured too often.. every now and then.. ppl r worried sick over whether or not he'll play.. it wud not do well for the team if they had to wait till the morning of the match to know whether their capt is playing or not.. plus then who'll be the vc?? not sakib.. too young..
and dont even put rahims name in the possible captains list.. he's still a kid..
I must agree with you on that.
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