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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
Ashraful came to Sydney and played one game in the Bangladesh cricket tournament that I'm a part of here. I couldn't get pictures with him and I didn't play against him, but it was a great buzz in the tournament for having such a player playing in our comp.

There were even security guards escorting him around.

I was at the ground and watched the game, it was great seeing our local cricketers and comparing to how an ex international cricketer bats. You can clearly tell in terms of batting ability how he is a few levels ahead of us.

He scored 50* to guide his team to victory. Very sensible cricket :p

Locally in Sydney here the BD Cups are super competitive, and Ashraful's close friend who plays in our comp brought him down from Bangladesh.
Curious to know, does he get payed to appear in those local matches?
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