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Originally Posted by Rifat_02
At first they had a 8 team tournament (ICC Champions Trophy) specially designed to keep BD and Zim out who were 9 and 10 that time, now they need a 6 team tournament to keep BD out since we went up the rankings and ditch the old champions trophy.

When BD reaches 6th (which is unlikely considering the current state of our cricket) they will try to host a 5 team tournament because the sight of BD makes them think the tournament is of low quality.
You couldn't have said it any better. Australia won't host BD because they could not find any sponsors for the series and hence it would not be financially feasible.

Bangladesh has been minnows in the sport for so long that it has tainted our image as a cricket team. Face it, we are the laughing stock/ "Adu Bhai" of world cricket. Australia would much rather host Afghanistan.

This is also a classic ICC move of restricting the game even more. We have a 10 team World Cup and a 8 team Champions Trophy.

Why not create a tournament with 16 teams so that not only all full members can compete, but rising Associate members can get exposure by getting any opportunity to take on full members.
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