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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
Exactly. There must be a balance between nationalization and privatization - extreme at both ends are bad.

Because of management and leadership failure, both public and private enterprise can fail.

But Roey/Republicans are unable to understand this simple argument or nuance. Reagan said small government and it became their gospel truth. They never bothered to ask if destroying government or reducing its power is the objective, why run to become head of government in the first place?
So many things wrong/or I don't understand with your statements above, but feel so bad derailing this thread. But perhaps you can start by explaining who is running to become the govt. head? USA already has one of the finest checks and balances. Answer this in one of the political threads please. Thanks. This thread is for cricket. And, to that I say, BCB has messed up big time by trying to laughably organize its own BPL. Who knows, perhaps, not doing this one thing, would have kept the players quiet for many more months,years? But I am glad it happened. Inept govt. with no motive to succeed but only play on people's emotions for votes (or steal elections as in Bd) will always screw things up. Much kudos to the players. Have not been prouder of my signature.
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