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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
GOV's mess things up due to political agendas. Privatization lends one to corruption where the wealthy class will exploit the working class. Just look at healthcare in the US. You have brainwashed imbiciles who don't want medicaid for all because "they don't want to pay for someone else's healthcare".

What do you think private health insurance is? You are paying for everyone's healthcare plus paying for United's CEO's lambo and Cigna's CFO's private jet.

Regardless of whether its a beaurocracy or a private company, management/leadership should be based on merit and efficiency. Not on politics or greed based motives.
Exactly. There must be a balance between nationalization and privatization - extreme at both ends are bad.

Because of management and leadership failure, both public and private enterprise can fail.

But Roey/Republicans are unable to understand this simple argument or nuance. Reagan said small government and it became their gospel truth. They never bothered to ask if destroying government or reducing its power is the objective, why run to become head of government in the first place?
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