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Originally Posted by Fazal
We saw sakib and other spinners bowl against the same opponent in this tournament, and we also saw Aminul bowl ...even it's for one game... and his performance was better at least in my eye.

The main difference between tanbir and aminul is how they made their case to be in the national team.

When Tanbir came he was relatively older player made his case by performing in local league, he was never considered highly talented potential in his career.

The case with Aminul is different. He is young and talented with high potential, but too raw. He was considered as a middle order talent who can bowl a bit. For some reason he got the attention of high performance coach, they had a boot camp kind of project with him to fine tune his bowling. The coach spoke highly about him to national team head coach and bcb. They checked him out and Domingo really liked him and wanted him in the national team. At that point it was just what they saw him in practice, no track record of his bowling skill in local league. The rest is a history....he is talented but unproven and l
have little experience....the sky is the upper limit and ground is the lower limit.

To me Tanbir is a bad example to compare with him...he is more comparable with someone like like Fizz or jubair. They all came in the national team in similar fashion.
I think you should compare him with Jubair (not Fiz or Tanbir). There is nothing wrong in being optimistic, however one thing to note is that Zimbabwe is probably the worst team in the world playing spin. Jubair also did excellent against zimbabwe in tests.
Also Jubair actually had more variations than Aminul, but may be that is because he could experiment more in test matches compared to 24 deliveries only in T20.

Anyways more to come from him for sure.
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