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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I do not read too much in the title, but the fact of the matter is even if he took 8 wickets, some of you would still be naak-shitkaaniing. LOL! This is actually some kind of jealousy believe it or not.

There is this tendency in our country and culture to peg us 9 steps down and be all this puritan-mental, teeth-gritting-grit as if somehow we have to 'prove' our existence " and that we are worth and worthy in this world to stay alive with hard work and mettle with finally scornful sigh of relief: "hoooh ami asschi....look at what I have accomplished so I deserve to be worshiped and you not". How is that any better?

You may not like my tone, but you would still be singing the same tune had he took like 2 hattricks or something with these "acha acha let's not get carried away...and keep our head down..." as if there is some kinda virtue in modesty and humility and self-berating oneself whilst self-flattering one is egoless.

Well you are certainly privy to your opinion and just as I am.

Instead of nitpicking and tearing apart every singly syllable... why can't you all be happy that we found a decent leggie? He is just only 19 FFS. Some of you would still be losers even in 89...LOL!

Edit: I'd rather be get carried away than give our buttocks for others to whoop with constantly feeling sorry for my sorry little existence. Yeah pft... we saw how keeping our head down WORKED so wonderfully in the world cup, didn't it son?
Excellent! 100% agreed!
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