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Originally Posted by IndYeah
What's that got to with the discussion? You and other un-informed geniuses were claiming that these 2 incompetents were benched after making mistakes against India, right away, which is not true.

Ek Kaam karo, sit in a corner, and whine about how India is big. And unfair. hope it makes you feel better.

Geez, for some people, I guess life is too hard to handle unless they cling to myths that there's a conspiracy against them.
It's true with ashoka though, but it being India was not relevant in my opinion, being a big team was, he blatantly used to cheat against bangladesh and zimbabwe vs a big team, any big team

And bucknor used to be good, then got old
Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much- Oscar Wilde.

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