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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
he just want to jinx BD players into good players..his intentions are good!.....either this or he is a very very very confuse guy...changes his tone in seconds
I only tried to jinx Imrul.
Change my tone, no not at all.

Originally Posted by Farhan_98
MunnaBhai are you a Bangladesh Fan Because if You Are You Are Not a Good One And You Always look to dis them players. They Are Better Then You SO U Can Be Quiet
Dear Farhan,
when they perform they will be applauded and when they don't they will get the usual bashing. My comment was mainly because Kolkota will be playing Rajhastan Royals in a day's time, it's Shakib vs Watson again. I am not biased and don't like sugarcoating, I say it as I see it which many doesn't like it. Just answer one question, who won the Shakib vs Watson battle?

Also, stop picking my only negative comment in this thread and targeting me, read my other comments here.

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