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If the coaches get their fair share of unwarranted tidings and blessings, they must sure get their share of blame too.

The fact of the matter is - be it Siddons, Walsh, Domingo, Law, or whoever... - is not some crazy whacko Herb Brooks from the movie Miracle (2004) where they literally obsess and envision about taking a bunch of morons and converting to a straight A batch of race horses.

They can care less and give a damn. They just trundle in to clock another 9 to 5 hour shift, with a blase response to life, with no life in themselves. You can tell by their body language on the sidelines.

It's not as if they crazily wonder around the stadium with notepads like Einstein scrawling equations and can't sleep unless their team has superman ethos. They don't give a f. The fact of the matter is with enough discipline, coaching, tenacity and hard work any bunch of morons can be converted into race horses.

Methinks, sometimes forum members are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too gracious in giving coaches and others compliments when they should deserve ZERO merit.
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