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"How India dismantled SA to wrap up the Pune Test"

Love this title. Assertive. Dominant. Authoritative.

You can represent your own country and still write odes and paeans. That's healthy self-esteem and not 'fake modesty'.

I was never a fan of Mohammad Isam, and never will be. And titles like this is the very reason why.

You NEVER see this guy write something like this in a million years. He may be a nice guy and all, but that's his problem. Sometimes, all these goody goody nice nice model boys are the devils.

And this is by no means a legal slander. He is a public figure. And if we must quote him in our FP article as if we are ffin quoting the great Ernest Hemingway himself, then I get to have my say. Heck I will say to his face.

Journalism is a fair, neutral and objective assessment. Period. Instead being a failure that he is in life with layers of burlap and dewlap he has decided to completely personalize this sport. After sensing power and fame, this guy - who tends to be the only representative for Bangladesh in a monopoly of his skewed 'analysis' he tends to pass judgment of our crickets from his high ivory throne, as if we players and public must appease his highness.

As long as we don't see Australization of Bangladesh - ie running between the wickets, play slow but steady (read: Boring cricket like Shamim Chowdhury) or say 'play perfect game once' then we are not worthy of his radar. As if we should somehow fit our brand of cricket to meet his requirements on what cricket should be.

I know he may be a darling of this forum, but why do I always get the feeling, people who tend to be 'modest', 'humble', 'niyo niyo' tend to be the biggest devil in the world? I am sure they have some unfulfilled insecurity which he takes it on our players.

And f yeah so do I so I am taking it out him for all you finger pointing pontificators.

This guy never wrote any praiseworthy or glowing dominant tribute to our players akin to Bangladesh tiger website where I personally contributed and tried to tilt the seesaw more on our favor. It doesn't break one's miserly Scrooge bank to give some compliments and put us on the map on positive light.

This guy is the worst thing that has happened to Bangladesh cricket journalism. He lacks imagination. All his articles are dry, boring, trite and passable and probably for 1 glance only and never to be reread. He writes to appease his Indian corporate boss and don't have ZERO balls to voice his voice and stand up tall.

Heck, I'd much rather take Utpal Shuvro than anyone and I know all you atels abhor his 'passion' (as if that somehow diminishes or denigrates him... )

Rabeed Imam's bio of our players was fantastic. I wouldn't have written this hate rant except majority and bulk of the share is ESPNCricinfo - which even Wikipedia uses- and this guy is doing total abuse of his power.

And yes you mook, you got me. I am salty cuz I ain't him. Yeah dude... good on you.
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