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Default India well set for 202 for nought, Rohit stands tall: Day 1

Anyone watching the Test series? I know it's boring and didn't watch anything but judging by the scorecard pure look how absurdly strong India looks.

Aside: One of the downfall (*NOT the Hitler movie) of this site is due to the fact (other than everything gets dumped in one thread. People has this weird assumption opening thread somehow equates to drawing attention.

Anyhoo, before people like me used to log into BC to get the daily headlines. Now all we see are dumb--s threads like "Everything about Mominul" or "Bangladesh Spinners" and other vague umbrella terms... Might as well open a thread called "Bangladesh Cricket" that encapsulates everything.

So I hope to resurrect by posting daily updates per 1 new thread like bulletin format. This will get us going on a discussion of the daily cricket issue.
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