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Originally Posted by Rifat
ALLAHU AKBAR!!! my #11 batsmen overall dreadful batsmen summary :p

played the innings of his life... 16 off 11 hits a six to win the match!!! last partnership 20 runs...i was inches away from defeat!!! Allah protected my dignity!!!!mind you this is the same bot sbsash lost to...

didn't play my U-19 guy or my fast bowler...and batting 2nd on a green pitch i wanted give my players a challenge but 3 runouts against a bot is PATHETIC!!!

good bot team this is...

one of the best Bot games i have played in FTP...
All praises due to Allah, Lord of existance!!!
u had 23K+ rating than him (thats huge in youth game) and he was a bot(that means got bad orders) Poor sbsash, still alone there
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