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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
As far as the rules go, I don't care either way. Believe it or not, I have tons of other things to do and this is what it is - just a game that keeps me occupied when I have a minute or two. Add as many rules as you guys see fit - and I don't find anything that Sohel bhai is proposing here to be utterly complicated - but expect there to be delays in my response, because I just don't have the time. In fact, I can barely find as much time as I would like to for my staff responsibilities.
+1. Also we will lose players. It's not really all that fun if we only have 5/6 players playing seriously. We still haven't managed to fill all the GM position and that took over a week. I'm with Dillu on this one, let this season be the trial run, everyone involved can get a feel for the game. And we can add more ideas doen the road. We can't expect it to be perfect right from the beginning.
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